Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Holding Dear The Night

Sleep came fleeting, scant breeze

Barely aloft the humid night air

They walked slowly, stretching time

tentatively hand in hand

unsure of the path

across moon shadows laced

with the sharp bark

of night dogs

Sleep came on cat's feet, stalking

scenting the heavy air, pause

Two children alone together

not knowing life's course

fingers interlaced

neither leading or following

quick shallow breaths

tight hearts pounding

Sleep came in silent release, day's last

lingering details displaced

Leaving deep shadows for the

embrace of forest's undergrowth

weaving through tendril vines

shoulders touching hands

clasped tight to ward off

the trepidation darkness

Dream as an extension of day lights

the inner recesses of sleep

Following in each others foot

steps, desire's siren song

calling from the heart

of the forest glen

pushing deeper pulled by

an unknown promise

Dream as a mind story unfolding

revelations showing at each new crease

Stopping by sudden unspoken need

exertions' panting leans against

the cool smooth Beech's skin

soft loam under foot

quiet hand never leaving

gentle holding hand

Dream as an artesian spring over

flowing relentlessly over filling

Continuing the journey of

unspoken need now oblivious

to primal night fears

willful hesitation giving way

to instinctual surrender

racing to the forest edge

Dream as a mist shrouded vision

a reflection in a window

Emerging from forest's last

holding grasp to collapse side

by side enveloped by soft

meadow grasses bathed in

bright moonlight drifting

to sleep beneath a starry canopy

Sleep came with hushed breathing

holding dear the night in a dream

Friday, October 06, 2006

Amid Warring Cries

Amid warring cries for peace

we have heard the lullaby

and succumb to the dreamless sleep

rocked in the handmade cradle

of the eternal holocaust.

We drift a warm bed made

when half the world away

a mother cries, “My Sargent son

of only nineteen years is dead;

laid aside his hero father.”

To enter the maternal void

of wedding white she bespeaks

the seed of new cries, she carries

tears to his shroud, accepting

his honor within a folded flag.

There alone to join as one:

we have laughed and loved,

and now fought and died,

all in the name of freedom,

it's golden chariot to ride.

As the one, another yet becomes,

amid warring cries of peace

we drift a warm bed made

to enter the maternal void,

there alone to join as one,

as the one, another yet becomes,

rocked in the hand made cradle

of the eternal holocaust.