Monday, February 12, 2007

My Father's Dream

I had to learn to see

my father's dream mirror,

to know the flowing

continuum of desire.


the fleeing siren

singing beyond the edge

draws my father's dream

to bittersweet straits.

In his dream mirror

the image reversed

My father's son,

the reflection

of myself,

the being,

the illusion,

locked in mortal


becoming one.

Rising to youth's fury

I donned the armor

of my father's dream,

picking up his sword

of temper

going forth to slay

the long dead dragons

that lurked specter like

in my father's closet.

O'er the vast ranges

I sought the beasts

that would torment

my father's dreams.

Yet long bleached bones

denied the quest

and scattered scales

bespeak the dragon's


Here upon the endless

barren plain majestic

borne upon a wing

the last slow spiral

has fell the mighty

dream beast.

Brought to its knees

for the want of fuel

to feed the kindled flame

of passion.

With the last expiring

sulfurous miasmatic rattle

of passing dragon

the armor

of my father's dream

fell away

Where barren lands fall

to the furious seas

I stand naked


My father's dream

a fading visage

My life illusive


like a dragon

taking wing

though their bones

lay baking

upon some barren